M2VIP 2006

The thirteenth annual Conference on 
Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice

Will be held December 5-7 2006
at the

University of Southern Queensland

Toowoomba, close to Brisbane, Australia

At that time of year, Toowoomba will be enjoying early summer,
with much less humidity than Brisbane.

it will make an enjoyable getaway for freezing Europeans!

Co-sponsored by Queensland sections of
IEEE   Engineers Australia and IEE Queensland section
Last year's conference was held in Manila, at De la Salle university.
The proceedings were published by DLSU, with ISSN:1908-1162.
The same ISSN will apply to this year's proceedings.

For delegates:

Message to delegates

Getting to Toowoomba

Getting to the campus and to 10, Glencoe Court for some social events

Campus map showing car parks - 2 or  3A might be closest to C204

Outline Programme

Detailed Programme (htm) 

Social events and Menus


For those who will be revising their papers for the book:
A comprehensive template with macros and instructions can be downloaded here,
or something much simpler here.

The topics of the conference are defined in its title, Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice -
and the emphasis is on practical applications.  A fuller description is given at the foot of this page.
Special encouragement is given to applications of robotics and machine vision in agriculture.

A selection of the best papers will be published
in book form by Springer-Verlag

The international panel of referees selected the abstracts they wished to review from a list of titles.
They were sent links to HTML abstracts that had been edited to make them anonymous.
They were asked to make a judgment, scoring on:

Successful authors were invited to submit full papers, which were reviewed again.
  Amendments were requested.

Many papers from earlier conferences have been selected for inclusion in hard-back books,
published by Research Studies Press .

The material of the 2000, 2002 and 2003 versions can be seen by clicking on one of these images.

  02  03

All presented papers will be written on a CD-ROM, given to delegates as the conference proceedings.

 Social programme

In keeping with earlier conferences in the series, there will be a full programme of activities.

There will also be a lively partners' programme for the daytime.

Scope of the conference

    'Mechatronics' has become accepted for what it is, the blending of mechanics,
     electronics and computer control into an integrated design.
Degree courses in
mechatronics are now widespread. 
That does not mean that mechatronics has lost its

     It continues to be the basis of an ever growing list of products and techniques of great
     technical and commercial value. Mechatronic design can result in products which are
     much simpler than their intricate and costly predecessors
and can make commonplace
the miracles of yesterday.

     Machine-vision has emerged from the laboratory to find real applications in areas
     which include vehicle guidance, robot control and agriculture. Low-cost cameras have
     been developed for multimedia applications - but with their ease of interfacing they
     offer a whole new field of low-cost vision-based control.

     Like its twelve predecessors, M2VIP 2006 will provide a forum for international experts
     and researchers to present and review advances in mechatronics and machine vision
     which have culminated in practical applications, or which promise practical
     implementation in the very near future.
    Presentations are encouraged to include video material of experimental systems.


The Basic Registration Fee is  AU$500, which includes the banquet and all social functions

Full time students (with proof of full-time study)  AU$300
This does not include the banquet or most social events. 

Partners not attending the conference AU$100, to cover the banquet and social functions. 
Tours and outings will be arranged separately. 

A late registration fee of an additional AU$100 will apply to all registrations after 20th November 2006.
It is possible that late applications will be turned away.

A separate author must register before 20th November for each paper that is to be included in the conference proceedings

A registration form can be found by clicking here. 

There will also be forms for accommodation reservation. 

Payment must be made by means of a direct bank transfer - it is an easy process that can be performed from anywhere in the world.


There are numerous motels along Ruthven Street (south) from which we will arrange pickup taxi services each morning and evening. 
Details will appear here very soon of special rates that we have arranged.

Getting to Toowoomba

The nearest international airport is in Brisbane.  Several coaches run directly from that airport to Toowoomba, a two-hour journey.
At other times of day it is necessary to catch the Airtrain or Coachtrans coach to Roma Street Transit Centre,
from which hourly coaches run to Toowoomba up until 6.30 p.m.
An alternative door-to-door service (must be booked beforehand) is the Airport Flyer (does not run Saturdays).
You should try to choose a flight that arrives early in the day.
When you have booked your flight, please send an email with your arrival time.

  6 November 2006