The 22nd conference was held in

Toowoomba, Queensland Australia

8 - 9 December, 2015

with welcome buffet at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 7

M2VIP 2015

Though the number of papers was rather few, this was a great advantage for discussion and interaction.
Because of the single stream, it became clear that techniques
could be transferred between such diverse disciplines as surgery and rock drilling.
The conference has been held in Toowoomba before, to the delight of the delegates. 
The University of Southern Queensland was the presentation venue,
with coffees and teas kindly presented by Meetings and Events. 
An included dinner took the form of an Aussie barbecue,
with shrimps and succulent beef, though kangaroo was not in great demand.
A musical jazz group ententertained us.
The venue had magnificent views from the edge of the Great Dividing Range,
while a bout of lawn bowls and a bush walk sharpened up the appetite.

See the announcement below for next year's conference in Nanjing, China.


Monday 7 December

6:00pm    Drinks and snacks at 10, Glencoe Court, 5 km due East from the University and on the edge of the Great Dividing Range.

Tuesday 8 December

9:00am     Arrival and pre-ordering of lunch.
The conference is being held in lecture room C204 - accross the main quadrangle opposite to the refectory, close to 'Subway'.

9:15am    Session 1: 
    Welcome by the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor
    13 Real-Time 3D Mapping of Biopsy Fiducial Points using Two Infrared Cameras
    07 Smart robotic catheter for Endovascular processes

10:30am    Morning Tea

11:00am    Session 2: 
    05 Low Cost Cascade Controllers for Non Linear Hydraulically Driven Joints
    10 Schematic Design of an X-ray Based Robotic Welding Inspection System.
    15 Presentation of Mechatronics research in USQ's National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture.

12:30pm    Lunch is available in the Refectory.

2:00pm    Session 3
    Surgical Robotics and the Tissue Environment presentation by Professor Brett.
    12 Electro-tactile Feedback System for a Prosthetic Hand

3.00pm     Afternoon Tea

3:30pm    Session 4 
    11 Fuzzy-CPG Hybrid Control of a Hip Joint Walking Assist Device Based on Soft Sensing of Muscle Forces
    09 Temporal Difference (TD) Based Critic-Actor Adaptive Control For A Hand Motion Rehabilitation Robot

4:30pm    Session close, prepare for evening event

6.00pm    Meet at 10 Glencoe Court (see map).
An Australian barbecue will be accompanied by live entertainment.

Wednesday 9 December

9:30am    Session 5
    04 A drilling technology discriminating mediums to cut ahead on the tool path
    14 3D shape sensing of elongated objects using Fibre Bragg Gratings

10:30am    Morning Tea

11:00am    Session 6: 
    08 State of the art and key technology of soft-bodied robots
    06 Single Player Tracking in Multiple Sports Videos
    Group discussion, proposals for collaboration.

12:30pm    Lunch

2:00pm    Session 7
    16 Presentation of Vision research at the National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture.
    After a presentation, delegates will the taken a few hundred metres to see the research in action.

During the visit:    Afternoon Tea at the NCEA

Conclusion of programme

Machine Vision and Mechatronics in Practice

Call for papers in document form

Scope of the conference series

'Mechatronics' has become accepted for what it is, the blending of mechanics,  electronics and computer control into an integrated design.  Degree courses in mechatronics are now widespread.
That does not mean that mechatronics has lost its

It continues to be the basis of an ever growing list of products and techniques of great technical and commercial value. Mechatronic design can result in products which are much simpler than their intricate and costly predecessors and can make commonplace the miracles of yesterday.

Machine-vision has emerged from the laboratory to find real applications in areas  which include vehicle guidance, robot control and agriculture. Low-cost cameras have been developed for multimedia applications - but with their ease of interfacing they offer a whole new field of low-cost vision-based control.

Like its predecessors, M2VIP 2015 will provide a forum for international experts and researchers to present and review advances in mechatronics and machine vision which have culminated in practical applications, or which promise practical implementation in the very near future.

Presentations are encouraged to include video material of experimental systems.

The 23rd conference will be held in 2016 in Nanjing, China.

29th November to 1st December, 2016

More details will appear here shortly.

The 21st was held in Manila, Philippines, July 7th.


For the programme, please click here to be directed to the Manila conference home page.

The 20th conference was held in Turkey 


Click on the banner to follow the link to

M2VIP 2012

The 19th International conference on

Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice

was held in Auckland, New Zealand, November 28-30 2012.

The web site can be found at or at

The eighteenth annual Conference on 
Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice
was held near Brisbane, December 6-7 2011

The last-minute change of venue meant that
several papers had to be shown as video presentations
but the demonstrations of equipment and techniques
by CSIRO Pullenvale made for an exciting conference.