The 21st international conference on

Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice

to be held in Manila, Philippines,

has now been deferred from December 2014 to

July 7-9, 2015


The conference has been held in Manila before, to the delight of the delegates. 
De la Salle University has a smart new building for us to use as the venue.

The Manila 'home' page can be seen here

The new building

De La Salle at night

The M2VIP conferences aim to be meeting places for the delegates to share projects with real applications,
not just a soapbox opportunity for those trying to notch up another publication. 
The abstract review stage would have saved you devoting energy to submitting a manuscript if your topic does not meet this criterion.
  Numbers will be limited to sixty or so, so that the conference can be single strand
with authors receiving feedback from a lively audience.
The conference will start with a 'welcome buffet' in the evening of July 6, 2015.
A 'banquet' on July 8 will be included in the registration.
After the conference, on July 10, a day tour will be arranged.

Call for Papers

If you have missed the abstract stage, you can still submit a full manuscript by April 23.
Please send a brief email to with a heading "M2VIP - Intention to submit a manuscript" as soon as possible.

Guidelines for Paper Submission

To help ensure correct formatting, please use the style files for U.S. Letter Size found at the link
below as templates for your submission.  These include LaTeX and Word.
Submit the PDF copy of your full paper online at
Important Dates 
Conference date:       July 7 to 9, 2015
Full paper submission deadline:   April 23, 2015
Notification of acceptance:     May 23, 2015
Revised manuscript deadline:   June 23, 2015
A decision will be given within a month of receiving your manuscript, so the sooner you send it the better!

The 22nd conference will be held in

Toowoomba, Queensland Australia

during early December, 2015

M2VIP 2015

The conference has been held in Toowoomba before, to the delight of the delegates. 
The University of Southern Queensland will be the presentation venue. 
An included dinner will take the form of an Aussie barbecue,
where you can try grilled kangaroo steaks as well as succulent beef,
in a venue with magnificent views from the edge of the Great Dividing Range.

Calls for Papers

The first stage is to send a one-page plain-text abstract as the contents of an email to, with subject line "M2VIP 2014, Abstract Manila"
or "M2VIP 2015, Abstract Toowoomba". 

It will be judged for relevance to the conference, novelty, evidence of application and especially for interest to the delegates. 

The deadline for Manila abstracts was at the end of February, to galvanise you into action!

Each abstract will be seen by three reviewers.  For papers that they recommend, full manuscripts will then be invited with an April deadline.  These will get a full review by the same reviewers and the papers will be accepted or rejected according to their recommendations - but by that stage those referees will have shown interest in your topic.  You will receive a decision before the end of May, to give time to make travel arrangements in plenty of time.  You might also be asked to make any reasonable revisions that they suggest, sending the final version before the middle of June.

For the Toowoomba conference the dates can be more relaxed, with abstracts due by May, manuscripts by August and a decision by September.
There is a very good chance that Springers will welcome a fourth volume of papers to publish the third was published in March this year.

Earlier conference proceedings were published by the IEEE. 
More recently, papers from this conference series have been published in book form by Springers.
The latest is due out in March 2015.

Machine Vision and Mechatronics in Practice 

The 20th conference was held in Turkey 


Click on the banner to follow the link to

M2VIP 2012

The 19th International conference on

Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice

was held in Auckland, New Zealand

  November 28-30 2012.

The web site can be found at

or at

The eighteenth annual Conference on 
Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice
was held near Brisbane, December 6-7 2011

The last-minute change of venue meant that
several papers had to be shown as video presentations
but the demonstrations of equipment and techniques
by CSIRO Pullenvale made for an exciting conference.

Scope of the conference series

'Mechatronics' has become accepted for what it is, the blending of mechanics,  electronics and computer control into an integrated design.  Degree courses in mechatronics are now widespread.
That does not mean that mechatronics has lost its

It continues to be the basis of an ever growing list of products and techniques of great technical and commercial value. Mechatronic design can result in products which are much simpler than their intricate and costly predecessors and can make commonplace the miracles of yesterday.

Machine-vision has emerged from the laboratory to find real applications in areas  which include vehicle guidance, robot control and agriculture. Low-cost cameras have been developed for multimedia applications - but with their ease of interfacing they offer a whole new field of low-cost vision-based control.

Like its predecessors, M2VIP 2014 (deferred) and 2015 will provide a forum for international experts and researchers to present and review advances in mechatronics and machine vision which have culminated in practical applications, or which promise practical implementation in the very near future.

Presentations are encouraged to include video material of experimental systems.